Dialogue on Democracy

 This project aims to create an enabling environment for a series of dialogue on participation of Youth and Commune councilors on elections, and on good governance through a better access to information. The project will build capacity of those the public and those are in power, the Youth and commune councilors in Phnom Penh and other five provinces, through training on right to access to information and on the strategic use of social accountability tools such as our existing web sites and radio, social network tools ( twitter, facebook, online forum, blog, etc,) and TV, to promote dialogue on elections and good governance related topic. The project also will organize advocacy activities through forums, debate, and talk-show. This project is funded by SPIDER and will implement collaboratively between the Open Institute, Voice of Democracy (VoD), the Khmer Youth and Social Development (KYSD), People Health Development Association (PHD), National Leagues of Commune/Sangkat (NLC/S), and together with the Advocacy Policy Institute (API) and Cambodia News as cooperating institutions.