Background and Activities of the Women Empowerment for Social Change Program

The Women program was initiated by the Open Institute in 2006.

1. Vision

A society in which women contributors and activists will be able to influence change in social development by being well informed, confident to express opinions, and knowledgeable on how to use technology to improve their work and empower other women.

2. Mission

The mission of the Women program is to inform and facilitate discussion on women issues and their rights, and to empower women through the training and strategic use of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

3. Goals

To promote gender equality in a society in which women can exercise their rights in a balanced way and can build competence to become self-sufficient, with improved women's participation in social, economic and political life, by means of:

  • Ensuring that the necessary information is made available in the Khmer language and facilitating and fostering communication among gender activists.
  • Creating awareness on how ICT can help gender equality.
  • Ensuring that women's organizations are competent to teach and use ICT for empowering women.